Drive SnapShot + Portable
Drive SnapShot + Portable (x64 Portable) | 6.7 Mb

Drive Snapshot creates an exact Disk Image of your system into a file, including the operating system, installed programs, your data and all security attributes - while windows is running and you continue to work.

iFinD Photo Recovery Enterprise 5.9.1
iFinD Photo Recovery Enterprise 5.9.1 | 10.9 Mb

Lost valuable Photos, Pictures or videos? Get our best iFinD Photo Recovery software to recover your files!

iFinD Photo Recovery recover lost photos from external hard drive, internal hard drives, digital cameras, memory cards, SD cards, CF card, USB Sticks/Flash drive.

PACE Suite Enterprise
PACE Suite Enterprise | 53.1 Mb

PACE Suite is the fastest application packaging tool that enables you to create Windows Installer package (MSI), Windows app packages (APPX) and various virtualized packages, edit them, and prepare for deployment.

Lizardtech GeoViewer
Lizardtech GeoViewer (x86/x64) | 121/123 Mb

Display and explore MrSID files, raster imagery, LiDAR point clouds, vector overlays, and more geospatial file formats with this feature-packed GIS viewer.

With this free viewer, you can display raster, vector, LiDAR, WMS, and JPIP layers, and get extensive support for the industry standard MrSID format and the ISO standard JPEG 2000 format.

Tenorshare UltData for Android Multilingual
Tenorshare UltData for Android Multilingual | 31.3 Mb

Accidently deleted some important messages on your Samsung Galaxy? Carelessly formatted the precious photos you take on your Note 5? Now Android Data Recovery makes it a snap to bring them back! It is fully capable of recovering contacts, photos, videos, text messages (containing name, phone number and the detailed content), incoming and outgoing calls from your Android device and SD card.

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Mirillis Splash 2.5.0 Multilingual

Mirillis Splash 2.5.0 Multilingual l File size: 38.2 MB

Splash lets you watch and convert your videos like never before - superb performance, smooth motion, crisp details and vivid colors. Enjoy the best video quality and unique user experience! Designed and optimized for HD!
Play and convert all your High Definition movies and camcorder clips, incredibly fast, smooth and without problems. You don't need any additional codecs. Download, install, watch, convert and share. It takes about one second to start application and High Definition video playback!
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Red Giant Universe 2.2.5 (x64)

Red Giant Universe 2.2.5 (x64) l File size: 1.2 GB

Over 76 GPU-accelerated effects and transitions for editors and motion graphics artists.Stylize Your Footage with Red Giant Universe. Give your footage authentic retro and modern day looks using tools like VHS, Retrograde Carousel, Glitch, Holomatrix II, and more.
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RevisionFX Effections Plus 20.0.2 (x64)

RevisionFX Effections Plus 20.0.2 (x64) l File size: 73.7 MB

Effections are our bundled collections. RE:Vision Effects' Twixtor used to retime up to 160x slower than real time. DEFlicker by RE:Vision Effects is designed to smooth out annoying flicker and artifacts when shooting high speed or timelapse video.
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Autokroma AfterCodecs 1.5.1 for Adobe AfterFX

Autokroma AfterCodecs 1.5.1 for Adobe AfterFX l File size: 13.9 MB

Embedded exporter for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, offering you codecs ProRes and h264 for fast and high-quality video rendering. Filling the codec gap
AfterCodecs brings you with consistency all the codecs and features you need
ProRes on Windows
H264 8K (not limited to 4K) and a fast YouTube export profile easy to use
HAP codecs
Finally say goodbye to Quicktime!
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SmartFTP Enterprise 9.0.2637.0 Multilingual

SmartFTP Enterprise 9.0.2637.0 Multilingual l File size: 57.7 MB

SmartFTP is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol), FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Google Drive, OneDrive, SSH, Terminal client. It allows you to transfer files between your local computer and a server on the Internet. With its many basic and advanced Features SmartFTP also offers secure, reliable and efficient transfers that make it a powerful tool.